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About Corsetry

This is an educational section we will be continually adding to in order to answer the common questions new clients have in regards to corsetry.

How to lace a corset Image Copyright Wilde Hunt Corsetry

How to Lace a Corset

There are many correct ways to lace a corset. The method we are showing in this diagram is Wilde Hunt Corsetry’s preferred way to lace up one’s self into a genuine steel-boned corset without any assistance. This lacing pattern consists of one piece of ribbon or woven corset lacing cord which is threaded through the grommets starting at the top of the corset, laced according to the diagram,  and ended by tying the two ends together in a square knot at the bottom of the corset. For your convenience, all Wilde Hunt corsets now come already laced in this pattern.